International conference "New technologies in GIS/RS in Ukraine" was held on May 27, 2015 in Bratislava Hotel (Kiev). 


TVIS Company LLC (leading GIS/RS company in Ukraine) for a fifth consecutive year organized an international conference “Advanced GIS/RS technologies in Ukraine”. 

This conference was special. Over 330 industry professionals of GIS and RS fields attended the conference from different countries of the world. Event were attended by more than 180 companies, RS data users, commercial and government companies, municipal, land, space and military authorities as well as surveying, mapping, agricultural and environmental organizations.

Militarily seminar, which were held at the conference attended by representatives of the National Security Council of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Intelligence Service, General Staff of the State Border Guard Service and representatives of the National Guard and volunteer groups involved in the Anti-Terroristic Operation (ATO).


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The conference was supported by the world-leading companies in geoinformation industry, including:

  • HEXAGON Geospatial – general sponsor of the conference – a leading manufacturer of engineering software for creating and processing geospatial data, provider of mobile and stationary measurement and control systems, headquartered in Stockholm (Sweden). HEXAGON offered a special program of software leasing, so that all Ukrainian clients have an option to purchase a 1-year license for just 20% of its commercial value. All exclusive distribution rights for these kinds of deals in Ukraine belong to TVIS Сompany. HEXAGON Geospatial was represented by company`s Regional Channel Manager Robert Nagy. 
  • Leica Geosystems - Swiss company engaged in manufacturing equipment and engineering solutions for geodetic measuring tasks. The range of products is very wide: from satellite receivers to laser scanning systems, that provide a detailed terrain model with a resolution of 1 cm. Since 2008, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging - strategic partner of the Open Geo Consortium (OGC). The company were presented by its regional manager of EMEA Rashid Burkhllal.
  • Airbus Defense and Space were represented by regional manager of Eastern Europe Mr. Eric Duclos-Gendreu. Airbus DS is one of the leading companies on global geoinformation market, the largest producer of satellites in Europe, headquartered in Toulouse (France). Through its Geo-Intelligence Programme Line, Airbus Defense and Space is recognized as a World leader in the provision of geo-information, pooling unmatched access to Earth observation satellite imagery with unique expertise and decades of experience. Based on exclusive access to Pléiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X (radar and optical satellites), its extensive portfolio, strengthened with the addition of DMCii data, now offers services from the largest Earth observation satellite fleet commercially available today. Airbus Defence and Space provides decision-makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, optimize mission planning and operations, boost performance, improve management of natural resources and, last but not least, protect our environment.
  • European Space Imaging - the leading supplier in Europe and North Africa of satellite imagery with extremely high resolution (up to 30cm), headquartered in Munich (Germany). EUSI was represented by its CEO, Mr. Adrian Zevenbergen.
  • BlackBridge AG – owner and operator of the RapidEye constellation. The RapidEye satellites image up to 5 million km2 of the earth every day at 5-meter resolution. The imagery in the RapidEye archive dates back to 2009. The company was represented by Elena Ash, the Regional Manager for Eastern Europe.
  • Canon – one of the worldwide leaders in making digital equipment for offices and home. Since its establishment in 1937, Canon has taken strong confidence in photographic, video equipment and information technologies. Nowadays the company offers comprehensive business solutions for IT sector. Canon was represented by Alexander Makovsky, Manager for Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The Nokia Here company – the world's leading manufacturer of digital maps and other GIS data, used in numerous software packages, including navigation systems (the most important: Garmin, BMW, Nissan). Available for Web browsers and phones on different platforms. Maps include features such as search within map, satellite map, route planning, 3D-maps, traffic display in real time. Here maps are present in 196 countries, offering modern navigation with voice in 96 countries, information about traffic in 41 countries and has approximately 75,600 maps of buildings in 72 countries. The company was represented by a product manager for Eastern Europe Baroukh Shiran from Israel. During the conferene Nokia also announced the new detailed maps.
  • The Elecnor Deimos Imaging company - was created as a result of cooperation of the Spanish aerospace engineering company Deimos Space and Earth Remote Sensing Laboratory at the University of Valladolid. The company currently operates Deimos-1 satellite (part of the international DMC constellation) and Deimos-2. The company office is located in Valladolid (Spain). The company was represented at the conference by the sales manager Julio Lopez Bravo.
  • The GEOconnexion International supported the conference as media sponsor. It is a leading global publisher, highlighting the most important news and developments in the field of geotechnology. Every participant of the conference received the latest issue of “GEO:” magazine in participant’s bag.

During the conference were presented the following: new portfolio of HEXAGON software  - ERDAS IMAGINE 2015, LPS 2015, APOLLO 2015, presentations on image processing techniques from ERDAS specialists, presentations from Ukrainian remote sensing customers, presentations from worldwide RS data  suppliers (AIRBUS, EUSI, Rapideye, Deimos Imaging) and many more.

Also at forum there were three exhibitions: satellite imagery and derived products, geodetic equipment and UAVs from local manufacturers.

The participants of the conference had an additional option to take part in two separate thematic seminars:

  • «Geodetic technologies of Leica Geosystems – glance into the future» (Red Hall)
  • «The high technologies for IMINT and military tasks» (White Hall)

CEO of TVIS Company (the main event convener), Oles Yasinsky opened the conference. With a keynote he told about new company activities and announced special promotion campaigns for Ukrainian market.

The military seminar included ERDAS APOLLO master-class, presentations on how to use UAVs for military tasks, the issues of implementation of UAV technologies in security forces of Ukraine along with local experience of building UAVs  in Ukraine for the army. The new WorldView-3 satellite 30cm images of vulnerable Ukrainian territories enflamed by current war clashes - were presented by EUSI. The expert advices on geospatial intelligence with high revisit/capacity  capabilities were presented by AIRBUS Defense and Space.

The volunteer groups “MAP100” and Cartographic Sotnya offered their help and free-of-charge assistance with map production for military entities.

The geodetic seminar included the discussion on the following topics: using of classical approaches of practical geodesy, innovation solutions from Leica Geosystems, the modern methodology of GIS data collection, monitoring of stability of high-importance objects, practical usage of new multistation-class equipment during field works.

Traditionally, at the end of the conference guests were invited to the “Space Lottery” with 25 souvenir sets from sponsors.

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