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Production Toolset

    IMAGINE Expansion Pack - Advanced tools for realistic 3D, NITF support, radar DEM extraction, stereo feature collection, wizard-based change detection and automated image to image registration.

Advanced Photogrammetry

    IMAGINE Photogrammetry (formerly LPS) - Efficiently transform raw imagery into accurate and reliable ortho images, terrain models or point clouds with dozens of rigorous and RPC models.

Compatibility with US Defense Standards and Protocols

    IMAGINE Defense Productivity Module - Use data formats, sensor models, and workflows common in the US defense and intelligence community.

Format Compatibility

    IMAGINE MrSID Encoders – Create Generation 2 or 3 MrSID compressed data as part of your ERDAS IMAGINE workflow.
    IMAGINE Map2PDF – Create geospatially-enabled GeoPDF maps and access in Adobe Reader.

Atmospheric Correction

    ATCOR - Easily reduce atmospheric effects from your imagery to normalize multi-date imagery.
    IMAGINE AAIC - Get consistent classification results and better material identification by automatically converting native DN pixel values to surface reflection.

Feature Collection

    IMAGINE Objective - Intuitive Object Based Classification to identify and extract feature data from imagery.
    Stereo Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE - Collect 3D vector feature data from stereo imagery. (also included in the IMAGINE Expansion Pack)
    IMAGINE GeoPalette - Rapidly autonomously derive land materials classification, bathometry, water bottom material classification and more.

Radar Processing

    IMAGINE SAR Interferometry - Advanced radar interferometry including coherence change detection, time series change analysis, displacement mapping and DEM extraction

Quality Assurance for Digital Terrain Models

    IMAGINE Terrain Editor - Advanced Stereo viewer with and extensive toolset for editing terrain data.

Faster Project Completion through Distributed Processing

    ERDAS Engine - Expand you processing power by distributing demanding, resource-intensive processes to more cores and workstations.

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